How to make a paper feather

How to make a paper feather

How to make a paper feather

When I was a kid I used to make a lot of papercraft as it is very easy to make and I enjoy making this. I use to decorate my house, things with this papercraft. Making papercraft is so much fun and also very easy to do it is inexpensive too.

Now you all know how much I love doing papercraft. so today in this tutorial we will learn How to make a paper feather in just a few easy step, this paper feather is so simple and easy that we just made in few minutes. You can use any paper for making this tutorial you can use newspaper, magazine paper, or colored paper. So Let’s start the tutorial on how to make a paper feather, but before starting this tutorial you have to collect materials for making this paper feather, don’t worry you do not have to collect many things. you just only need a colored sheet and scissors.

How to make a paper feather


How to make a paper feather
How to make a paper feather
  • Color paper sheets(which you like)
  • Pair of Scissors


How to make a paper feather

The first step is to take a colored sheet of your choice, you can take your favorite color for the tutorial of how to make a paper feather you can also take any paper from a magazine or newspaper too if will still look beautiful and cute. Here, I am taking my favorite colored paper that is pink. Now cut it in rectangular shape that is length is 15 cm and breadth is 10 cm
Now fold it from the center.


After folding the colored paper from the center, take a pencil or pen and trace a half outline of the feature as shown in the above image. if you don’t want to trace the outline of the feather don’t worry there are many other websites that provide you paper feather template, just downloads and take a printout.


Now cut the outline with the help of scissors. In the above image, you will see how I cut out the outline. this step is so easy and quick, if you are good at drawing you can also cut it in different sizes without even using the template.


Now take a scissor and start cutting vane on this feather. Keep the wing folded in half and cut your feathers at an angle from the outer edge of the wing down to the top end.simply follow the above image. Start cutting from the top of the feather to the just only need few seconds to do so.

After cutting the vane simply open it with care, that’s it! so simple. Here your paper feather is ready, hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make a paper feather. Now make more of them in different colors or in different sizes. And enjoy. Happy crafting 🙂

Paper feather is ready!

you can use this feather in many ways you can use them in home decoration, for decorating your scrapbook or to create an extra classy look to your gifts. this paper feather looks so realistic that no one even knows that it is not a real feather it is just a paper feather, which you can easily create in just a few minutes. you don’t have to be perfect while cutting the feather shade, it will just look cute in any way. if you like which tutorial, do share it with your friends and tell them how easy it was to make their own paper feathers.

Some questions:

Question1- which paper is best for making theses feather?

Answer-You can use any paper for making theses tutorial

Question2-Can it be used to decorate birthday parties?

Answer- you can use them to decorate you house in every special occasion.

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