Easy Instructions for origami fish

4 Easy Instructions for origami fish

Instructions for origami fish

Making origami is quite simple and also quick and only takes a couple of minutes to make. This is a great exercise for kids, who make excuses for not exercising. This will keep the children busy and reduce their focus on unnecessary work.

How to make a craft with square paper? There are lots of crafts that you should make by using only square paper. In this tutorial also you will need square paper for the tutorial on how to make a fish origami.


  • Googly Eyes (you can also draw)

These are the materials require for the tutorial on how to make fish origami.


Now take a square paper of 15 × 15 cm. You can choose any color for making this tutorial, just choose your favorite color. choose a bigger size of square paper if want to make big origami fish or a smaller size for making small fish. Now follow the following instructions for origami fish making.

TIP: for the instructions for origami fish, always use thin paper as thicker paper are little bit hard to fold and If you use thick paper, you can stick some of the folds together with glue or sticky tape.
instructions for origami fish
instructions for origami fish


Take a square sheet and create your first fold. Fold In a way that you get a right angle triangle. The purpose of these folds is to get a nice neat crease. Now open it up, create another crease in the opposite direction try and get your corners as pointy as you can again nice neat crease open it up, simply follow the image given below.

Now open both the folds nicely as you can see in the image given below


Next, you have to fold the paper horizontally from the center. Make sure you have to fold in the middle so that both the parts are equally divided. Make a nice crease. Then unfold it.

After unfolding the paper. with the help of both, the hands pick the horizontal line that you had to make recently. Now Bring the left and right sides together so that the paper falls into a triangle. If you don’t understand the step kindly just follow the image given below. You will get more clarification after seeing the images.

Next you have to rotate the triangle left side 90 degree.


Fold the bottom corner up slightly to the center as shown. Now fold the top corner to the center as shown in the image below Now turn the fish, here your origami fish is ready. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial on Instructions for origami fish.

Draw the eyes if you are good at drawing otherwise just use googly eyes .draw some patterns or some stripes on them. You can also add a smiling mouth, dry lips, or something else to give your fish personality. And here your final origami fish is ready!. Now share this tutorial with your kids and make them learn this easy origami fish tutorial they will definitely love this. you can use them in home decoration or any special occasion like a baby shower or kids will use them to decorate their rooms, simply paste it with double tape or glue or they can use these cute fishes in decorating albums.it will definitely look pretty.

If this easy tutorial on the instruction of origami fish doesn’t satisfy you, then you can try tutorials from other websites. Always Remember origami can take practice to make. so make another one and it will be better than the first one. your origami skill will improve by making more of it.

instructions for origami fish
instructions for origami fish

If you have any doubt or you get are stuck on a particular step, you can comment down below. and don’t forget to give feedback. And if you have any suggestions related to origami, you can comment down below in the comment box.

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