How to make paper heart box

How to make origami heart box in 5 min.

How to make origami heart box.

Want to make a box? That you can use for various purposes. But you feel lazy to buy boxes. So today we will learn how to make origami heart box. but this is not the boring regular square box. It is a heart box. That you will definitely like. Also, you can use them for various purposes.

You can use these boxes for gifting purposes too. Also if you want to express your love to someone but you are afraid to tell them directly use these paper heart boxes just write all your feelings about how to feel and gift them. They will become definitely happy after seeing your cute effort to make them happy. You can use these boxes for your own uses too. You can easily store your accessories like earrings, pendants, and many more things.

How to make paper heart box
How to make paper heart box


In the first step, you have to choose a perfect square sheet of paper. Make sure the paper you are choosing is not so thin as it easily gets tier to choose a little bit thick paper for this activity. You can take any sheet but make sure you have to choose the perfect square sheet. But you don’t have square paper, simply fold the rectangular sheet diagonally and cut out the extra remaining paper and here you have a perfect square paper. Here I am taking an origami sheet of regular size. You can take any size of your paper

How to make paper heart box
How to make paper heart box
Tip- take a colorful sheet or designer sheet so that it will look more beautiful.


Next, you have to fold the sheet half vertically make a neat crease and then unfold it. Now fold the sheet diagonally from both sides. Make a crease and then unfold the sheet.

Now rotate the sheet. Fold one corner of the sheet to the center point (f1). Then again fold the folded part (f2) as you can clearly see in the image given below. Next, you have to fold the opposite corner like you folded the first corner before. Make a nice and neat crease and then unfold the paper.

Next, repeat the same steps with remaining two corner like Fold the corner to the center (f1) and then again fold the folding part (f2). Repeat the same with another corner.

Now unfold both the (f2) part. Now fold the other two corner to make a box if you doesn’t understand the step you can just follow the image given below.

Here you can see the square box. Now Gently push the corner inside. And here your paper heart box is ready. Now you can store anything to want chocolates, beads flowers anything. And if you want to make the cap of this box. Just make another paper heart box. And use this box to close another box.

Here your origami heart box is ready!

How to make paper heart box
How to make paper heart box

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make a paper heart box. You can check out if you want any other websites more ideas on how to make origami heart box but I think my explanation is easier than any other website.

You can also check out my other papercrafts. Some of them are paper boats, paper butterflies. These paper crafts are kids friendly that kids can make them very easily and also making origami is the best hand exercise for kids. They will definitely enjoy this tutorial.

If you have any queries related to this post you can comment down below. I am always there to solve your problems and if you have any suggestions you can tell me in the comment section. Thank you, Happy Crafting.