Paper origami hat

How to make an easy and quick Paper origami hat only in 2 minutes.

How to make an easy and quick Paper origami hat only in 2 minutes.

In today’s tutorial, we are going to make paper hat. As you can see many of them wearing cool hats, but in this tutorial, I will show you how to make a cool hat on your own. This tutorial is so much easy and quick to make that you just only need few minutes for this.

So let’s get started, the best part of making this tutorial is that you don’t have to collect materials you just only need a sheet of paper. Making origami is so much fun. Kids live making origami,

If you are a parent and want to teach your kid some easy craftwork then origami is best and also very quick in doing. Also, you get good hand exercise.

So let’s start the tutorial on how to make paper hat. All you need is a sheet of paper because we are going to make hat with paper. Someone asked me about the craft that we can make from the newspaper. You can use the newspaper in many ways. if you want to make a bigger hat you can simply use the newspaper. Otherwise, craft papers are good as colors on craft paper make it more interesting. You can also use design papers or cover papers it will give your hat a designer look and also it will be more eye-catching. if you want a printable design for a hat just choose a design make a print of it.

First, you need a rectangular sheet. You can select any size of the sheet for making a paper origami hat. Now fold it vertically from the center. This step is so quick. The purpose of folding vertical from the center is to make a crease.

Next, you have to open the paper, Now you can clearly see in the middle there is a crease. Now fold it horizontal from the center. Just follow the image given below

The next step is really easy you’re just gonna fold one corner in to make a right triangle. First, fold the right side of the paper make sure it only covers the half part, now fold the other side in order to make a right triangle

so you’ll have a long skinny strip down here and two triangles up top you’re going to fold this. First, fold from the front side now you’re going to turn it around and do the same thing you’re gonna fold that bottom flap up so that it meets roughly at this point at the bottom of the triangle and you should be able to tell where that bottom is just by looking at the other side so just guess it’s very rough it doesn’t have to be perfect. as you see it was a very easy and quick step

Now, hold from the center and open it carefully since papers tear easily, be sure to do so carefully.

Here your paper origami hat is ready. if you want to make this hat more pretty, just add some color to it or make your favorite design it will definitely look beautiful. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial of paper origami hat. You can use this hat at birthday parties, make more of them in different colors and designs so that it looks more interesting.

Now you had learned the secret of making paper origami hats. Also if you know more ideas to make hat with paper, you can share them with me in the comment section. Share this tutorial with your friends or family members. If you have any queries related to this tutorial, you can comment down below, and don’t forget to share your craft with me. Happy crafting :).

paper origami hat
paper origami hat

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