paper origami envelope

How to Make a Paper origami envelope in 3 easy steps.

How to Make a Paper origami envelope

Today’s tutorial is going to be very easy and quick you just made it in a few minutes. This origami envelope is a great activity to learn and also teach your kids to make this origami envelope, they will definitely enjoy the process of making this origami envelope .there is no such skill is required for making the tutorial on How to Make a Paper origami is very easy to make that even kids make this easy. Whenever you don’t have an envelope handy, you can make an envelope with this technique.

In earlier times Paper envelopes are used for sending letters or any documents. And now this become totally disappear but don’t worry if you are missing these old envelopes, let’s make your own paper envelope. today in this post we will learn how to make a paper origami envelope with only four easy steps. envelopes are usually made with white paper or A4 sheets, but we can make them with different papers or colors which you like, you can also use design paper for this tutorial on how to make paper origami envelopes. So let’s start the tutorial on how to make a paper origami envelope. Before starting the tutorial let’s collect the materials.

Materials :

For the tutorial on how to make a paper origami envelope you just need only two things.

How to Make a Paper origami envelope
  • Origami paper or color paper
  • Glue


The first step is to take a sheet of paper, simply take the square paper. You can also use rectangular paper and simply cut it in a square shape. Here I am using color paper of 15 ×15. You can take any size which you want to make just increase the length and breadth if you want to make a big envelope or simply decrease the length and breadth if you want to make the smaller envelope. you can also take origami papers. We can use any paper for making is the envelope



In the second step fold the paper from diagonal so that it looks like a triangle, make a crease. Repeat the same on other diagonal, now open the paper and unfold the paper.

Next, you have to fold the right corner of the paper to the middle part. Now fold the left corner of the paper to the middle. Now Take the bottom corner and fold it toward the upper corner follow the diagram as shown below.


Now gently apply glue on the outer side of the folds as shown in the above image. Take a bottom part and paste it to the other folds. Now fold the pointed part inside, and paste it with glue.


Here, your own envelope is ready. if you want you can decorate it with some flowers or hearts. if you want to learn how to make per heart origami, you can check out my previous post .now take a paper and write a special message on it and put it inside the envelope and surprise your beloved once, it will put a smile on their face when they see your little effort for making them feel special. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make a paper origami envelope.

In this tutorial, we had learned to make a paper envelope in a simple way just a few minutes is required for making your own envelope. You can check other websites where they had made this envelope in different methods.

Some Questions:

Question 1– Which paper is best for making this origami envelope?

Answer-Usually simple white A4 sheets are used for making this envelope, but you can use any type of paper which you want to choose. That’s what’s the special thing about it.

Question 2-How long does it take to make a paper envelope?

Answer-it takes only five to seven minutes for making paper origami envelope.

Question 3– Can we use it for gift giving?

Answer– Of course, simply take printed color paper for making this origami envelope, it will look more attractive.

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