how to make sleeping masks

How to make sleeping masks in 3 easy steps.

How to make sleeping masks in 3 easy steps.

how to make sleeping masks

Basically sleeping masks are used to cover eyes while sleeping and they are the best for traveling or sleeping during the days or any other place where you are bothered by the light. So in today’s tutorial, we will learn how to make sleeping masks. These do light weighted and comfortable in wearing. You can also use them while sleeping in bed or in long driving. It gives you a deep and restful sleep

The best thing if making your own mask is that you can choose your favorite color fabric for making your sleeping mask and Aldo you can wash them very easily by your hand or by washing machine. Simply just put some detergent on it and washing it and you can directly put them in sunlight to dry

Tip- choose the cotton material for making a sleep mask as during summer or when the temperature is warm the cotton fabric can easily absorb the sweat and gives you a comfortable sleep. So let's start with the tutorial on how to make a sleeping mask. But before starting the tutorial let's check out the materials that you need to collect for making sleeping mask.


  • Fabric
  • Foam/fusible fleece
  • Elastic band
how to make sleeping masks

These are the main materials that you need for the tutorial on How to make sleeping masks.


The first step is to choose the perfect fabric one is for the top and another is for the back. If you want you can choose cotton fabric for both sides. It totally depends on you. You can take any fabric. The measurements of both the fabric are 11×22cm also the measurements of fleece are also the same as that is 11×22cm. Here I am taking both the fabric pieces of the same color but you want you can choose two different colors.


In a second step, we have to trace the shape of the eye mask on the fabric. But before tracing the shape directly on the fabric first, trace the shape on paper. so that if we do any we can correct them easily. Now take a paper of 11×22cm to fold the paper half from the middle. Mark the points on paper as shown below

Now joint all the points and cut the diagram and then open it. Now put all the three pieces together on one above the other. Now place a paper upon it and trace the shape and then cut all the pieces.


Take a fleece first place one fabric upon it. Then place an elastic band. Make sure that the edges of elastic are matching to edges of the fabric. Now put the last piece of fabric upon all of these. Now sew the boundaries. But keep in mind that you don’t have to sew all boundaries. Keep little space at the top so that you can easily flip the fabric from that space.

After sewing it from all the sides, now flip the fabric right side out. Now again sew its boundaries just like I did in the image below. and yes this is the last step. Here your sleeping mask is ready to hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make sleeping masks.

Hope you enjoyed my fabric DIY I ha made many fabric DIYs you can also check out too. some of them are how to make mask at home and the best part of this mask is that you can wear this from both sides. So do check out my other DIYs also. I also made trending DIYs like a twisted headband, if you want to make this headband go and check out my post.

how to make sleeping masks
how to make sleeping masks

You can check out other websites for more sleeping mask ideas but I think my tutorial is easier than others. If you like my tutorial kindly comment down below. And if you have any queries related to this post just comment down below I try my best to solve your problems. And if have any other ideas just tell me in the comment box.