How to make perfect bow

How to make perfect bow in 2 easy steps

How to make perfect bow

Hey, guys so today I’m gonna show you how to make perfect bow. It easy cute no-sew fabric bow. so let’s start with materials.


  • a piece of fabric that is 11 inches by 8 inches. For little strip that’s about maybe 2 inches by 3 inches
  • glue gun/needle and thread.
How to make perfect bow
How to make perfect bow

So these are the materials for the tutorial on How to make perfect bow. I’ll have the measurements down below on the different sizes so if you want to make different sizes I’ll have all these measurements down below so this one’s gonna make the 5 inches.

Finished Bow SizeCut lengthCut width
2 inches5 inches5 inches
2.5 inches5 inches5 inches
3 inches7 inches6 inches
3.5 inches8 inches6 inches
4 inches9 inches7 inches
4.5 inches10 inches7 inches
5 inches11 inches8 inches
5.5 inches12 inches8 inches
6 inches13 inches9 inches
6.5 inches14 inches9 inches
7 inches15 inches10 inches
7.5 inches16 inches10 inches
8 inches17 inches11 inches


The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to fold it so that way we can iron it and what I do is I just fold it in half which is a long way just to make a crease you’re gonna go ahead and open it back up again

You’re going to fold both ends inward so that it overlaps that crease that you just made just overlap it. press the side so that way they stay down and go ahead and overlap one too and then you’re going to take it to the ironing board and press it .so after you’re done pressing it to go ahead and fold it in half and it’s okay if it’s a little bit uneven on besides that won’t really matter. you’re gonna open the larger piece of fabric and it’s gonna have the folded side on the inside.

How to make perfect bow

Now take these two ends to fold them overlapping that crease that you just made a little bit. make sure that the sides are parallel with each other make sure that they’re even and then you have to do the accordion fold which is you’re gonna fold it inward and then fold it back folds it in, fold it back and then fold it in again.

How to make perfect bow

Next, you have to take a needle and thread and sew all the folds in middle, no need to worry about it looking ugly because it’s gonna be covered up.

How to make perfect bow
How to make perfect bow


Then get your little piece and you have to fold it. and then fold it again and press this as well this is gonna be the centerpiece for our bow. so now this piece is pressed.

then you can add your wrapped piece.

Here your bow is ready.

This is what the back of the bow will look like and this is what the front will look like just like that so very there you go very quick and easy and easy no so fabric bow.

If you’re gonna use a bear clip just like a plain bear clip without putting a ribbon on it, you can go ahead and add that to your bow first before you wrap it. but the one thing is that you can have to open it up to get the fabric wrapped around. I usually like to already clip it before I glue it so clip it so the piece stays right in the back and doesn’t like to keep going around. If you are using hot glue be very careful while using it’s very hot. If you want to make a ribbon bow you can check out another website if you want.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on How to make perfect bow, give it a thumbs up. if you did leave a comment down below with any other tutorials suggestions and or if you have any questions leave them down below as well. thanks for reading, happy crafting.


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