How to make mask at home

How to make mask at home (2 in 1)

How to make mask at home

You’ve probably seen medical face masks that doctors and nurses usually wear. Masks help to prevent germs. today we will learn the tutorial on How to make mask at home.

Most medical masks are made of light and soft materials that cover the nose and mouth. There are stretchy elastic bands that go over or behind the ears. They keep the masks secure in place. Masks let air in and out, but not germs.

You would probably think that these masks are mainly for the operation theatre. Although currently, you will probably see more people wearing them. And not only doctors and nurses, but also other people. You must have seen people make mask at home or probably you have seen people use fabric as face covers. You’ll probably have to put one up too.

All this is happening because of the brand new pandemic that is a coronavirus or covid -19. People are taking various measures to prevent the spread of this virus. Experts agree that wearing a mask is another main factor that can help to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Mask is a barrier, it protects us from not coming in direct contact with others as this new disease spreads through droplets coming from your nose and mouth so whenever you go out it is important to wear a mask, you don’t have to wear just one You should wear a mask when you have a disease but also prevent the health of others. Mask plays an important role in our life as it also protects us from this harmful pollution and radiation. That’s why all of you should make a habit of wearing a mask every time.

In this tutorial, we will learn HOW TO MAKE MASK AT HOME in the easiest way.

Before starting the tutorial on how to make mask at home .you should have to gather some of the supplies because without any of these supplies you are not being able o make mask at home

Supplies you need-

How to make mask at home
How to make mask at home
  • piece of fabric
  • pair of scissors
  • chalk or marker
  • sewing machine
  • scale or inch tap
  • Elastic

Let’s start the tutorial on how to make mask at home

How to make mask at home


Here I am taking these two colored pieces of fabric, of the same size. that is one is blue and the second is yellow. for this tutorial on HOW TO MAKE MASK AT HOME. I have taken pieces of 10 by 6 inches. Its length is 10 inches, And the width is also 6 inches. So, take a rectangular piece. put both the clothes one on top of the other, like this.


NOW, Fold both the fabric half from the center it will appear as a rectangle, then again it half from the middle, if you did not understand the step then simply follow the image as shown above. and fix it with a pin. simply follow the image given above.


Now take an inch tape or scale, mark a small line from the folded side. and then mark another one-inch line toward the open side. now take chalk and join both the points by making a little curve line, now draw another curved line at the top, please follow the image given below.


Now cut this outline carefully with the scissors. open both the fabric, and cut both of them from the centre simple give a straight cut.


Now take one fabric and give a stitch on the curve side. follow the above image. repeat the same step with another fabric. Open both the fabric. Now Put both the clothes one on top of the other, and stitch both the clothes together from the curved side. that gives a stitch on top and bottom.

Turn the fabric to the right side out. keeping the sides open so we can apply elastic to it. Now cut two elastics of 6 inches, simply attach them at sides and give it a stitch. at the end ironed it properly.

Here you mask at home is ready.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make mask at home