How to make flower out of ribbon

How to make flower out of ribbon 2 easy ways

How to make flower out of ribbon

Making ribbon flowers is a great activity as it is very easy as well as beautiful in making. Ribbon flowers make great embellishments on anything you sew or wanted to give an extra beautiful look. making ribbon flower is so much easier than you think. You can use them in many different ways. You can use them to decorate your dress or if you want to make your planter or vessel more attractive than you can easily use them. Simply make them in different colors and decorate. You can also use them as home decor.

If you are finding any best tutorial on how to make flowers out of ribbon, then you are in the right places. these ribbon flowers are best for decorating anything. So today in this tutorial we will learn how to make flowers out of ribbon. You can check other websites also where they had made different types of ribbon flowers.

So let’s start the tutorial, in this tutorial we will learn two different tutorial for making ribbon flowers.below is the first instructions on how to make a flower out of ribbon are fully explained. First, start with the material. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial.



How to make flower out of ribbon
How to make flower out of ribbon

So these are the materials for the tutorial on how to make flower out of ribbon.


The first step is to take a ribbon of width 2 or 2.5 cm and length of 50 cm. You can choose any size of ribbon and any color which you want. these ribbon flowers look cute after completion and it best if you want to make something more attractive. Next, you have to fold the ribbon in accordion style, as shown in the above image. you do not have to be perfect while folding these ribbons, just go with the flow.


Now take a needle, and insert it in the middle of the ribbon. Insert it in a way that ribbon comes at the center of the needle. Next, take one end of the ribbon and cut it 45 degrees with scissors. so it easily gets inside the hole of the needle. Now put the end in the needle. I had put the image below so that you can easily understand the step.


Now pull out the needle down slowly , make sure that you have to rotate slowly while you are pulling out the needle down.

Pull out the extra ribbon down and with the help of lighter or glue gun fix it well. Do it carefully so that you do not get hurt.

Here. Your ribbon flower is ready. It is looking so cute and beautiful. Now make more of it with different colours and sizes. And decorate your favourite things so that it look more attractive. If you want to make your ribbon rose more beautiful you can sprinkle out sparkle on it. If you doesn’t work for you, don’t worry make it another time as it get better with practice. The more you practice the better result you get.

how to make a flower from ribbon


The second tutorial is very quick and easy. In childhood, we all must have made this. It looks very pretty and you do not require any practice for making this ribbon flower

Take a ribbon of 50 or 60 cm long. You can take any color for making ribbon rose as roses are available in many colors and they look beautiful in any color. Now hold it from the center and make a right and triangle at the center. Now fold the ribbon in a way that we get a square shape in the center.

Next, fold both the ends of the ribbon as shown in the image then pull the longer end carefully. now fix the end using a glue gun or can sew its ends so that it gets a fix from everywhere And here your ribbon rose is ready. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. if you have any doubt regarding any step you can comment down below I will give my best to solve your problem and if have any suggestions or idea related to DIYs simply comment down below. Happy crafting:)

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