How to make easy dream catchers.

How to make easy dream catchers in 4 steps.

How to make easy dream catchers.

have you ever wondered what the real meaning of the dream catcher is? many people have dream catchers hanging from their car mirrors from the windows in their homes from their purses and they really don’t know what the dream catcher stands for and that’s okay .but if you’ve ever wondered what that beautiful piece of artwork really represents and what the different pieces of it actually mean.

so now the first identifier of a dream catcher is that of course, they are around dream catchers are usually made with a wood hoop or some sort of pliable material the circle represents the circle of life and that is very very important to people because circles are the center of everything as the circle of life is deeply ingrained in all of the teachings and all of the stories it signifies that there is no real end or beginning life is can tenuously going around in a circle

the second component of a dreamcatcher is that they have a web, now this web can be made with either a net or thread sometimes you see dreamcatcher is made with colorful string .now the web is used to catch the bad dreams from coming through when the person is sleeping. but at the same time to allow the good dreams to come through now.

you’ll notice that most dream catchers have feathers hanging from the circle now it is said that the feathers that are hanging from the bottom of the circle can allow the good dreams to be caught in the spider’s web and have a passage through the feathers to the person that is sleeping.

now the fun fact about dream catchers is that they are beautiful creations of course that come in many different styles and sizes and designs and that they’re primarily used to ward off nightmares the nightmares that are caught up in the web are then said to be burned up by the morning light but as we know the good dreams are through the web down the feathers to the undisturbed sleeping person.

they are obviously beautiful pieces of artwork do you have a dreamcatcher hanging somewhere in your house or in your car, so in this tutorial, we will learn HOW TO MAKE EASY DREAM CATCHERS, so before starting the tutorial you have to collect the following materials for the tutorial of how to make an easy dream catcher.


how to make easy dream catchers
  • Wooden hoop or ring
  • thread and wool
  • pair of scissors
  • needle
  • feathers
These are the materials for the tutorial on how to make easy dream catchers.


how to make easy dream catchers

The first step is to take a hoop or ring. Here, I am making a mini dreamcatcher, as it looks cute and beautiful so I am taking bangle for this if you want to make a big dreamcatcher then take a wooden hoop or ring of a big size.


Now Take wool and start wrapping the ring with wool. Double secure it in the end so that it is fixed from all side


Now take a thread and start making a loop over bangle. first, make a knot, you have to make as many loops as you can. tighten each loop. now turn wool over the loop and start making the second phase. again turn the thread over the second loop and start making the third phase, follow the same for all other loops. make as many loops as you can. in the end, take a bead and fix it in the center. then make a knot to secure the thread. cut the extra thread.


In the fourth step take some feathers to tie them with thread or wool. Here I am using the paper feather which I made in the previous blog. you can also check it out if you want. Now tie them in the thread and make a knot. now tie the thread at the bottom of the dream catcher.

Here your dreamcatcher is ready, hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to make an easy dreamcatcher. you can also check out other websites where dreamcatchers are made by kids, it looks so cute as well as beautiful.
TIP: After making the tutorial on how to make easy dream catchers take glue and paste all the ends of the cutting thread so that it will get more secure.

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