DIY pom pom yarn

How to make Easy DIY pom pom yarn (2 methods)

How to make Easy DIY pom pom yarn (2 methods)

If you want to make perfect fluffy pom-poms with little waste and fuss then you’ve come to the right place I’ll show you how to make round fluffy pom-poms using my three favorite methods. Before starting the tutorial of DIY pom pom yarn, let’s take materials.


  • Yarn
  • Pair of scissors.

Let’s start with the first method:

Today I’m going to show you how I make a pompom I call this the lazy man’s pom-pom because it’s a pretty lazy way of making a pom-pom and you don’t need a pom-pom maker you just need your hand .so what you’re going to do is wrap the yarn around your fingers and I recommend spreading your fingers out just a bit so that it doesn’t get too tight and you’ll be able to remove the yarn from your fingers later on

so you’ll want to wrap the yarn around your fingers a hundred times or so for a regular-sized pom-pom and maybe 200 times for a larger pom-pom so I’ve already worked ahead and made a little bundle.

so once you’ve got your bundle .you’ll want to just slip it off of your fingers .next you’ll want to take a generous length of yarn and tie it around the center of your pom-pom .you want this knot to be nice and tight this is where an extra set of hands would be helpful but just get it as tight as you can. then I would double knot it triple knot it and you want the securing yarn to be generous and lengths so that you can use it to attach the pom-pom to your knitting or your crochet or whatever the pom-pom is going to be affixed to so.

once you’ve nodded your bundle you’ll want to take a nice sharp pair of scissors and you’ll want to cut through all of your loops now while you’re doing this I recommend holding the securing yarn in your hands so that it doesn’t accidentally get cut while you’re doing this and the sharper the scissors the better these aren’t the best but they’ll do and flip it over and cut the loops on the other side okay and that’s those are our tales from our beginning and our ending of making our bundle and

diy pom pom yarn

the last thing you’ll want to do is trim your pom-pom so you’re basically just cutting all of these little pieces so that they’re all relatively the same length so when you’re done cutting all around the pom-pom evening it out it’ll look something like this

diy pom pom yarn

Method 2: Using cardboard

let’s make the pompom with the second method. we need a piece of cardboard four inches and then I did like four and a half and just the lengthwise just so that all of my strands of yarn stay on there okay so we are going to grab your yarn and we’re going to start on one edge. we’re just going to wrap it around our cardboard so just keep doing this eighty times so I wrapped it as evenly as possible and so it’s going to be nice and fluffy.

then I’m going to cut another piece of yarn to wrap around and middle to secure my pom-pom .put the yarn underneath it just so that it’s ready. we’re going to slide the yarn off of the cardboard and then you have to tie it you can see in the middle .now grab our scissors and then we trim it to make it look nice and even okay

diy pom pom yarn

so just go around and start trimming it you need to keep one that’s long so don’t cut one of them off the two strands that you started with should be pretty long and then this is what you’re going to do to sew it on the top of your hat .so keep trimming make it look nice. you can check out other websites if you want to make DIY pom pom yarn in a different way. Here your DIY pom pom yarn is ready,

you can easily wash them with water, but make sure to not use a brush as these pom pom are made up of woolen yarn and maybe the brush can damage it.


diy pom pom yarn

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