How to make a paper mache mask

How to make a paper mache mask

How to make a paper mache mask

Hey everybody thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Today we are going to learn How to make a paper mache mask. it’s going to be a very quick and easy paper mache recipe that you can do at home. and I also made this tutorial for any parents out there who are looking for something fun and easy to do so that their kids can say occupy this is such an easy craft to do at home. This is one of the most fun projects. First, collect the following material for the tutorial on how to make a paper mache mask.


  • a balloon
  • Glue
  • Container
  • Brush
  • Papers

these are the basic materials for the tutorial on How to make a paper Mache mask.


I didn’t use a color balloon well make sure to use the color balloon with your kids at home because it’s so much easier for them to see if they miss any spots while they’re covering the balloon with the pieces of paper. for some reason this time I chose a white balloon. Now roughly draw a face on this balloon you can draw with free hands.


Now take some wet paper to add some glue to it to make a paper mache. you can use it like clay, now put some paper mache on balloon make a nose and lips and paste it with glue. then paste them on the balloon as you can see in the image below.


so first I’m going to do is I’m going to shred this copy paper into tiny pieces and we’re going to be dipping these into our mixture of glue and water. once you put the glue and water into the container you can begin to mix it until it turns into a good consistency.

we’re ready to make the liquid now I know paper Mache is usually made with you know a newspaper but I like to use copy paper. it’s so much easier to paint over I’ve they had to do three to four coats of paint just like you wouldn’t be able to see the actual newspaper through the paint.


you’re gonna take a piece of paper and you’re going to dip it into the mixture. then take off any extra and then put it right onto the balloon and you can use your finger .you flatten it out something that I tell you to try and lay down the next strip that you dip into the mixture right next to the last one. What you can also do is once you dip the piece of paper you can use your fingers to take off any of the extra liquid and stick it onto your balloon.

TIP: if you feel like there's way too much of the mixture all over the balloon try and add some dry pieces of coffee paper right over

so once you’re done covering your balloon entirely for the first layer you can double-check by just spinning it around just to make sure you didn’t miss any spots .so the thing that I’ve learned about using paper Mache that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m going to leave this balloon. dry there overnight. so here’s the finished product this is the first layer.

How to make a paper mache mask
How to make a paper mache mask


It doesn’t have to be perfect just let this dry overnight. continue the second layer of paper mache. so it’s now the second day and as you can see the balloon it’s completely dry well the paper on the balloon is completely dry rotated it over so that the bottom which was more wet was facing up and they can dry

just make sure for each layer you are covering the whole balloon .so the first second and second layers are completly dry.


do a third one we’ll usually just do two but it all depends on you and how much time you have if you want it to be a little bit sturdier then obviously you can do three even four coats. I am doing third just to be on the safe side but it’s looking really good. I’m just gonna leave it here to dry overnight and then in the morning I’ll rotate it so that all of the liquid that clicks at the bottom will then be at the top and it’ll just you know dry evenly.

How to make a paper mache mask
How to make a paper mache mask

you can see the balloon is completely dry and we are ready with the third coat
and didn’t forget to mention this is a very good arm workout. the third layer already dry I’m so happy with how it turned out I love how sturdy it is as you can see when it dries


Here, your own paper Mache mask is ready, hope you enjoy the tutorial on How to make a paper Mache mask now cut the eyes if you want. but be careful while cutting eyes. if you want you can paint it over. if will make your mask more beautiful and eye-catching. There are many other websites where you can learn the different methods for making the paper Mache mask. you can also check out other websites if you want.

If you guys have any comments or suggestions when it comes to making paper Mache maybe you have a quicker way or an easier way to make it let me know in the comments below.

How to make a paper mache mask
How to make a paper mache mask

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